Therapy costs

possibilities for costs coverage

I run a purely private medical practice, therefore public insurances do not cover the costs of my services. The pricing is in accordance to the German medical fee GOÄ.

assumptions of costs through private health insurances

Psychiatric treatment costs are covered by your private health insurance or state aid (Beihilfe). I take the liberty of billing the treatment unit of 30 minutes – according to the current corresponding GOÄ – according to the numbers 801 and 806 of the German medical fee.

The costs of psychotherapy are usually covered by private health insurance or the state aid (Beihilfe) if there is an appropriate indication, provided this is not excluded in the insurance contract. Please clarify with your private health insurance at the beginning of therapy whether and to what extent psychotherapy is included.

Procedure for private health insurance

The first consultation and the following 5 sessions(trial sessions) are usually covered by your private insurance.

After that, an application for psychotherapy must be submitted by the therapist to your private health insurance company. I will prepare this for you according to the regulations of your private health insurance. The application, which is completely anonymous, must then be approved by an external, specialist assessor from your private health insurance company. If this application is approved, the actual therapy can begin. If you have any questions, I will be happy to help you.

sexual medicine consultations as well as sex therapy and couple therapy are generally not covered by health insurance and are paid for by the patients themselves.


If you pay for the therapy yourself, no formalities are necessary for you. The basis for billing is the German Fee Schedule for Physicians (GOÄ).

You are welcome to contact me (by phone, e-mail ), briefly describe your problem and hear my opinion.

Upon request, I will also treat you during home visits.

All sessions can be held in German but also in Greek and in English.