Intercultural therapy

In case of discrimination and integration problems

“It is in the character of growth that we schould learn from both pleasant and unpleasant experiences.”

Nelson Mandela

diseases through discrimination

Mental health problems and mental illnesses are more common among people with migration background than the population average. In particular, discrimination in the private or professional environment as well as social insecurity promote psychological problems in this population group.

Psychotherapist with own integration experience

An emigrant myself, I have a deep understanding and great respect for the challenges of leaving one’s home country and successfully integrating into a new one. I have been fortunate to work in psychiatry and psychotherapy in ourintercultural city of Berlin, which has brought me into contact with different cultures. This led me to deepen my knowledge of these cultures.

Therapy for culturally related problems

The cultural backgroundis an aspect of considerable importance that must also be taken into account in the clarification of mental problems, sexual problems and in couples counseling and therapy. Couples from completely different cultural backgrounds often experience an unsatisfying sex life.

I accompany you competently – and above all respectfully and trustfully – also in this area, which is of great importance for the quality of life.

It is important to me to create an atmosphere in which effective work on your personal difficulties is possible. Of course, I will treat all your information confidentially.

Services in Intercultural Therapy

  • Psychiatricand psychotherapeutic treatment of affective disorders, anxiety disorders, psychoses, addictions.
  • Sexual health counseling and sex therapy, especially the accompaniment of culturally and religiously related sexual problems.
  • Intercultural couple therapy, counseling and accompaniment in life crises
  • Dealing with experiences of discrimination
  • Socio-medical and vocational counseling
  • Coaching for successful integration

We clarify the therapy method, form of therapy and therapy goals together in the first session.

The sessions can be held in German but also in English and Greek.

„Für den Erfolg ist nicht ausschlaggebend, wo du beginnst, sondern wie hoch du hinauswillst.”